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Tag: Project Management
June 3, 2021
Software Development: Phase II is a Fallacy

Anyone who has contributed to a software development effort (which could be any stakeholder, a project sponsor, business analyst, project manager, or SME…) has likely reached a crossroads in designing a system. Here, the three fundamental project-planning pillars, Cost, Time, and Resources (CTR) come to a head. Many times, the proposed method for getting past […]

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June 1, 2021
5 Keys to Estimating Work for Technical Projects

Many projects, challenges, requests, and enhancements can often be interpreted as either very large projects, or very minuscule efforts. In most cases, it is closer to the elephant than the ant.  When you dig further into the details of any request, you often experience dependencies, unknowns, unexpected _(requirements)__, and conflicting priorities. Taking the time to […]

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