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January 17, 2023
Magic Gives Back + T7 Technologies

Check out our latest T7 technologies project! “Magic Gives Back” Is a new site combining the best in entertainment with modern approaches to raising money for schools. The site takes care of all of the back-end work, for example, ticket handling and prize tracking as well as an easy step-by-step marketing schedule! Working with Ultimate […]

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August 23, 2021
There Is Nothing More Important Than Your Data

Do you know the current state of your data environment? I often ask clients to consider this question: If your data disappeared tomorrow, what impact would this have on your business?

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June 3, 2021
Software Development: Phase II is a Fallacy

Anyone who has contributed to a software development effort (which could be any stakeholder, a project sponsor, business analyst, project manager, or SME…) has likely reached a crossroads in designing a system. Here, the three fundamental project-planning pillars, Cost, Time, and Resources (CTR) come to a head. Many times, the proposed method for getting past […]

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