Always On SQL Objects


This SQL script is used to select all Always On Objects from the SQL meta data.

select * from sys.dm_hadr_cluster
select * from sys.dm_hadr_cluster_members
select * from sys.dm_hadr_cluster_networks
select * from sys.availability_groups
select * from sys.availability_groups_cluster
select * from sys.dm_hadr_availability_group_states
select * from sys.availability_replicas
select * from sys.dm_hadr_availability_replica_cluster_nodes
select * from sys.dm_hadr_availability_replica_cluster_states
select * from sys.dm_hadr_availability_replica_states
select * from sys.dm_hadr_auto_page_repair
select * from sys.dm_hadr_database_replica_states
select * from sys.dm_hadr_database_replica_cluster_states
select * from sys.availability_group_listener_ip_addresses
select * from sys.availability_group_listeners
select * from sys.dm_tcp_listener_states

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